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The atmosphere: an introduction to meteorology (13th ed.) / F. Lutgens, E. Tarbuck. Pearson Education, ©2016, 462 p.

This edition incorporates a new active-learning approach, integrated mobile media, and Mastering-Meteorology, an easy-to-use engaging tutorial and assessment tool available. This edition also extends its coverage of global climate change with dedicated climate change features in each chapter and coverage of the IPCC 5th Assessment report.

G 551.5 L28 28865

enviorementEnvironmental and hydrological systems modelling / A. W. Jayawardena. CRC Press, ©2014, 516 p.

The book provides the tools needed by presenting different approaches to modelling the water environment over a range of spatial and temporal scales. Their applications are shown with a series of case studies. Coverage includes population dynamics, water quality systems, time series analysis and forecasting, artificial neural networks, fractals and chaos, dynamical systems, support vector machines, fuzzy logic systems, among others.

G 551.480151 J74 28866

fundamentalsFundamentals of hydraulic engineering systems (5th ed.)/ R. Houghtalen, A. Akan, H. Hwang. Pearson Education, ©2017, 508 p.

The first half of this edition discusses the fundamentals of fluid statics, dynamics, and flow, giving the reader practical insight into the analysis and design of pipelines, pipe networks, pumps, and open channels. The latter half covers the design of supplemental hydraulic systems, covering some of the most common hydraulic structures such as wells, dams, spillways, culverts, and stilling basins. The book ends with four ancillary topics: water measurement, model studies, hydrology for hydraulic design, and statistical methods in hydrology, as well as common techniques for obtaining hydraulic design flows.

G 627 H85 28867

hydrologyHydrology and hydroclimatology: principles and applications / M. Karamouz, S. Nazif, M. Falahi. CRC Press, ©2013, 716 p.

The book takes a fresh look at the fundamentals and challenges in hydrologic and hydroclimatic systems as well as climate change. The author describes the application of nontraditional data sets and new investigation techniques to water-related problems. He also examines long lead forecasting and simulation, time series analysis, and risk and uncertainty in hydrologic design.

G 551.48 K13 28868

hidrology a sciencieHydrology: a science for engineers / B. Hingray, C. Picouet, A. Musy. CRC Press, ©2014, 572 p.

This book presents the main hydrological methods and techniques used in the design and operation of hydraulic projects and the management of water resources and associated natural risks. It covers the key topics of water resources engineering, from the estimation of runoff volumes and unit hydrographs to the routing of flows along a river and through lakes, reservoirs, and hydraulic structures. It deals with questions regarding basic hydrological data, hydrological modeling and the prediction and forecasting of low flows and flood discharges.

G 551.48 H79 28869

urbanUrban water reuse handbook / S. Eslamian (ed.). CRC Press, ©2016, 1141 p.

The book discusses the advantages of water reuse and outlines the disadvantages. It also proposes ethical and cultural considerations, discusses the economic and environmental performance of water systems relevant to water reuse, and outlines associated methods and strategies that can address problems of water scarcity.

G 363.7284 E57 28870

appliedApplied calculus of variations for engineers(2nd ed.)/ L. Komzsik. CRC Press, ©2014, 213 p.

This edition contains new chapters discussing analytic solutions of variational problems and Lagrange-Hamilton equations of motion in depth. It also provides new sections detailing the boundary integral and finite element methods and their calculation techniques, and includes enlightening new examples, such as the compression of a beam, the optimal cross section of beam under bending force, the solution of Laplace’s equation, and Poisson’s equation with various methods.

G 620.00151564 K24 28871

advancesAdvances in biofuel production: algae and aquatic plants / B. Gikonyo (ed.). Apple Academic Press, ©2014, 369 p.

The text explores current investigations and application of the fields of biofuel production and bioengineering and considers from a global context the evolving processes of algal biofuel production. It also looks at how biomass, specifically sugars, nonedible plant materials, and algae are used in the production of fuel. The feasibility of such projects, current methodologies, and how to optimize biofuel production are presented.

G 579.8 G58 28877

irrigationIrrigation and drainage engineering / P. Waller, M. Yitayew. Springer, ©2016, 742 p.

The book emphasizes on environmental protection, economics, and engineering design processes. It includes detailed chapters on irrigation economics, soils, reference evapotranspiration, crop evapotranspiration, pipe flow, pumps, open-channel flow, groundwater, center pivots, turf and landscape, drip, orchards, wheel lines, hand lines, surfaces, greenhouse hydroponics, soil water movement, drainage systems design, drainage and wetlands contaminant fate and transport.

G 627.52 W12 28882

algebraÁlgebra y trigonometría con geometría analítica (13a ed.) / E. Swokowski, J. Cole. Cengage Learning, ©2011, 936 p.

El libro presenta los temas a través de una exposición clara, un diseño atractivo y ordenado y ricas series de ejercicios. Incluye temas como la Regla de los signos de Descartes y los teoremas de límites.

G 512.13 S89 28883

Hydraulic fracturing Hydraulic fracturing wastewater: treatment, reuse, and disposal / F. R. Spellman. CRC Press, ©2017, 313 p.

This book provides a balanced discussion about the wastewater generated by hydraulic fracturing operations, and how to manage it. It includes an in-depth discussion of the hydraulic fracturing process, the resulting water cycle, and the potential risks to groundwater, soil, and air. It also discusses the issues of the large amounts of water required for drilling operations, and the impacts on water-sensitive regions.

G 622.3380286 S85 28884

ThermodynamicsThermodynamics: for physicists, chemists and materials scientists / R. Hentschke. Springer, ©2017, 304 p.

Los doce capítulos que conforman la obra atienden temas como la distribución de la riqueza biológica de México por sus diferentes hábitats, así como los modos y técnicas para su cuantificación y cómputo, su relación con las culturas indígenas del país, su importancia para nuevas ramas de la ciencia como la biotecnología, o su uso y manejo en diferentes sistemas productivos y, por su puesto, su conservación.

G 536.7 H76 28885

GeoengineeringGeoengineering responses to climate change: selected entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology / T. Lenton, N. Vaughan, eds., Springer, ©2013, 197 p.

Obra que recopila los fundamentos legales del sistema general de protección del ambiente mexicano, con ejemplos prácticos y accesibles. El lector entenderá cuáles son las responsabilidades del Estado y secretarías en la materia; a qué secretarias acudir en caso de requerirlo y cómo se han resuelto otros casos, con el objetivo de que cualquier ciudadano conozca sus obligaciones en la materia y tenga las herramientas necesarias para hacer que se proteja, respete y promueva su derecho a un ambiente sano.

G 577.22 L16 28886

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